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foto By CTC Busto Arsizio



Production is organized along a vertical process whereby there is a complete control of all the production phases, from weaving through cutting to manufacturing the finished product.

Thanks to the synergy among the different production sites is possible to manage and supervise the whole process, from design to delivery, according with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

Alfredo Grassi S.p.A. garments are manufactured using excellent quality raw materials and well advanced components.  High-tech production machines, among which last generation computerized looms, automatic cutting machines, laser cut instruments, press machines for special applications, seamless technology and feather filling machines, allow the manufacturing of high-tech garments.

Moreover GORE-TEX GOLD level license integrate the quality and technology standard of the process in the subsidiary of Targu Trotus, for the production of waterproof and breathable garments.

Key-word of our work has always been maximum flexibility. This allow us to focus on the personalization of each garment according to specific technical, design and production features the customer requires, providing every time tailor-made solutions and quotations.

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